Remigiusz MARCZAK

Where I was born was seen as an unusual, yet magical place, covered in old trees, castle ruins upon an island surrounded by aaterand the tale of local legends. All these features magnified thr natural bauty of my homeland yet, upon my return after many years, most of these trees had disappeared alongwith the magical spirit I once felt there. Today I live in Warwickshire, England which is alsoknown as Shakespeare's country and I havediscovered that these enchanting placesstill exist and present themselves within the natural beauty of nature, depending on how we capture the image bestowed before us. Throught the art of my photography, I have managed to once more, discover that magical spirit and portray it through my photographs.

''Genius loci'' which is translated to the spirit of a place in Roman religion, is something which I strongly feel is present in every place we go, and my images are all abaut capturing it. Every part of the world has own distinct character, making it unique and exeptional from the one before it. This invisible presence is what makes a place so beautiful, meaningful, or special to a person and I hope in viewing my images you too, can witness the spirit of that place.
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